March 18, 2024
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Transforming Community Care with Careberry

Transforming Community Care with Careberry

Caring for people, especially in the community, comes with its fair share of challenges. We often struggle with recruitment because there just aren't enough staff to go around. Rostering can be a headache too, with shortages making it difficult to schedule visits around clients' locations, travel times and preferences. Then there's the stress of managing medications properly and ensuring clear communication among our staff who often work independently.


To tackle these issues efficiently, we've teamed up closely with Careberry, an award-winning electronic care management system approved by the NHS. Careberry has been a game-changer for us, especially when it comes to recruitment. Their simple application process on our website has encouraged more people to apply, making it easy for us to organise documents, forms, and communications for each applicant and obtain references and audit the essential documents effortlessly.


But that's not all. Careberry has helped us transform communication with our carers in the field, creating a transparent and supportive work culture. Managing medication, a critical aspect of our care, has become extremely easy thanks to Careberry's user-friendly interface and its link to NHS Medicines Database. Even our non-tech-savvy carers find it easy to use, significantly reducing errors and risks.


When it comes to scheduling, Careberry has been a real game-changer. With its postcode check and distance calculator, we can quickly assign the closest carers to clients and plan efficient rounds with travel time allowances. Plus, it can automatically generate rotas, suggesting carers based on previous schedules. If there are any sudden staff changes, we can easily adjust bookings to ensure coverage without overwhelming our team.


Careberry is also helping us with care planning, auditing both client and staff documents, and reporting incidents while keeping a log for auditing purposes.


The Careberry team works closely with us to utilise the potential of AI, particularly for time-consuming tasks like note writing and reporting. This allows our staff to focus on important matters such as providing care.


Careberry also assists us with smart invoicing and payroll, reducing the risk of errors and the time needed to generate invoices and timesheets. This will improve our cash flow and ensure timely payroll processing. Payroll in community care can be quite challenging, especially considering travel times and mileage calculations, but Careberry handles these tasks automatically, making our job much easier.