Why Join Our Award Winning Team?

Ongoing Support and Supervision

To be able to function with confidence, our carers will receive regular supervision, continuing phone and online support.

Fair Payment

We want to establish a trusting and respectful connection with our carers. A relationship that can result in loyalty and happiness. Only if we pay them decently will this be achievable.

Carers are our Champions

We consider our carers to be our champions, and we treat them with dignity and respect.

Paid Training

We offer a variety of classroom and online training courses to ensure that our staff have the skills and confidence they need to perform effectively.


We provide a contribution-based pension plan, paid holiday, free training and free uniforms. Every year, our carers are entitled to a legal minimum of 28 days (5.6 weeks – prorated based on days worked) paid leave.

24/7 Personal Support Line

We recognise the value of our carers' work, which is why we've commissioned a 24/7 private and professional service to support our carers and their immediate family members!

Meet The Team

"I've been working in health and social care for many years. In my opinion, social care is one of the most pressing concerns we face as humans. Managing the challenges we face requires dependable caring people and advanced technology. Hence, my main focus has always been finding the right people to work with and applying innovative and creative methods."

"I worked for the NHS for many years before moving to domiciliary care. I've been working with Care and Carers since 2021. I started as a carer and have had multiple positions including HR & Care Coordinator. I have been given me the opportunity to grow and build my knowledge. I have a passion for knowing we are making a difference and providing high quality care to all our clients."

“Hi, I'm Sophie, I am married and mum to four - three daughters and a son. I am driven by my passion for family and have a deep commitment in treating others how I would like to be treated. After experiencing my Nan being cared for by dementia nurses for many years, it gave me the initiative to give thanks and pay it back. As the Care Administrator, I ensure that families feel supported and individuals receive the care they require to maintain their independence!"

"Hi, I’m Collette, I entered the care industry when I joined Care and Carers in January 2024, bringing my background in HR, Recruitment, and Health and Safety. Joining Care and Carers has been transformative, thanks to the supportive team. My passion lies in fostering innovation, diversity, and inclusivity, believing in the power of diverse perspectives to drive positive change. Every interaction with our clients is a privilege, reminding me of the profound impact we can make in their lives."

"Hi I’m Sarah, I’ve been working in care since September 2020 and I enjoy every minute of it. I’ve loved meeting so many amazing people and caring for them as if they were a member of my own family. I’m a mum of 2 boys and I have a massive passion for travel and dementia care."

"Hi, I am Ella! I came into Care & Carers during the pandemic and found a home here! I am currently training to become an OT - something I have dreamed of for a long time! I am passionate about caring and have a special place in my heart for it. I enjoy my job, especially because of the great relationships I have with my clients and coworkers!"

"Hi I am Magda, a trained paramedic from Poland. I have been working in care for 9 years. I love caring & helping people, it really makes me feel proud and satisfated. I am a mum of 2 lovely kids."

"Hi I'm Frances! I've been working in care on and off since 1978, as a nurse, healthcare assistant and now as a carer. I enjoy working with our lovely clients, families and teams members. In my spare time, I go to concerts, theatre, love travelling abroad, and going away in our motorhome in england."

"Hi I'm Maria, I've been in adult social care for 8 years, I love working for Care & Carers. I've been here for a year and its amazing to help people stay on their own home and keep their independence!"

"I have been with C&C for a year now, and I love my role within the company, always get great support from everyone, we are one big family and I feel very proud to be part of the team!!

"Hi, I'm Luciana I've been working for Care & Carers since November 2022 and I'm so proud for being part of this team, that made me feel so welcomed since I started"

"My name is Anne Im one of the senior carers. I was awarded carer of the year 2021. I have a lovely husband 4 children and many grandchildren. I love traveling and meeting new people. My life changed when I started to work for care and carer's. I love my work I feel I have finally found what I was born to be ,to care for others I love going home knowing I have made a difference to someone else's life its the best feeling ever .care and carer's are like family we look after each other wonderful company."

"Hi, I am Leigh, I joined Care and Carers nearly 2 years ago. I am passionate about caring and helping people. This is so rewarding with the awesome clients we have. Care and Carers made me feel like part of the family. We have a great team, and the management support is excellent ."