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Care & Carers: Champions of Home Care

Here at Care & Carers, we treat our carers with the utmost respect and we know they go above and beyond for our clients! They are breaking barriers that we never knew even existed! Not only that, but they do it all with a huge smile on their face! 

We belive our carers here at Care & Carers aren’t just heroes, but they are champions! That’s why, it is our pleasure to introduce the brand new “Care & Carers: Champions of Home Care” Championship belt! A Championship belt to showcase the best of the best here at Care & Carers! 

Each month, we always chose a carer (or carers) of the month. The carers that have stood the most, maybe they came in on their day off to help out, maybe they handled a difficult situation well or maybe they just performed extraordinary care! So not only will they be known as the carers of the month but they will get to hold the “Care & Carers: Champions of Home Care” Championship Belt so we can showcase that they are our champion! 

We want our carers to know that everything they do is highly appreciated and is always recognised! Each month, we will showcase a picture of them holding the Championship Belt on our website!

You can see each carer of the month here!