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Microsoft Founders' Hub Welcomes Our Registered Manager

Our founder and Registered Manager who developed an award-winning software, Careberry, has been accepted into Microsoft Founders’ Hub, offering him access to $150K Azure services as well as 24/7 technical support and mentorship! 
When his search to find an all-in-one care management platform resulted in no outcome, Hossein Sharifi, a care-tech entrepreneur set to develop one! Hossein launched Careberry in February 2019 and soon the emergence of Covid-19 created an opportunity for the software to demonstrate its true value in critical times! Using Careberry made it simple to handle the problems that caused many organisations to fail. Remote working, recruiting, medication management, planning and monitoring care, rostering, and communicating with clients, families, and carers were all brought under one roof! These helped the care company, Care & Carers,  on the back of which Careberry was built, to see significant growth. Hossein received several requests from other care providers to utilise the platform. As a result, Careberry was transformed into a standalone software company and an increasing number of home care and care home providers now use it.  


Acceptance into the Microsoft Founders' Hub has given Hossein a fantastic chance to expand Careberry utilising Microsoft Cloud resources and assistance. According to Hossein, having access to cutting-edge resources like the Open AI API, Data, and Bubble as well as round-the-clock technical assistance would accelerate the process of adding new features to Careberry! 


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