What is Sleep-in & Night Time Care?

Rather than having a carer available 24 hours a day, some people prefer to just have a carer available at their home at night. The presence of a carer can provide individuals with reassurance. Sleep-In nights are where a carer will stay at the property from around 22.00 pm (or earlier if necessary) to 7.00 am the following morning and would sleep in their own room, this is usually charged at a fixed fee. The carer will then be on hand if any support is required. The carer can be alerted by a pager that is linked to a bed sensor to be alerted. Waking nights are slightly different, the carer would be awake all night and on hand to help with any tasks required. This is more suited to someone who needs regular support throughout the night. All our carers have been trained, supervised, thoroughly vetted, and are fully supported and insured.

Anxiety and sleep deprivation can be alleviated quickly with the help of a sleeping night care specialist. Having that extra night-time care at home may make a huge difference in your overall health and happiness. This will be termed an awake night if help is required more than twice during the night.