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Care & Carers: Champions of Home Care

We treat our carers with the highest respect at Care & Carers, and we know they go above and beyond for our clients! They're breaking down barriers we didn't even know existed! Not only that, but they do it all while smiling!

Here at Care & Carers, we believe our carers are not only heroes, but champions! As a result, it gives us great pleasure to present the all-new "Care & Carers: Champions of Home Care" Championship belt! Here at Care & Carers, we have a championship belt to show off the finest of the best!

Every month, we select a carer (or carers) of the month. The carers who have lasted the test of time may have come in on their day off to assist, may have handled a difficult situation successfully, or may have just provided exceptional care! So they'll not only be acknowledged as the carers of the month, but they'll also get to wear the "Care & Carers: Champions of Home Care" Championship Belt to indicate that they're the best!

We want our carers to know that their efforts are valued and acknowledged at all times! On our website, we'll feature a photo of them with the Championship Belt once a month!