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Sleep-in & Night Time Care

Rather than having an on-call carer available 24 hours a day, some people prefer to have a carer available at their home at night. The presence of a carer can provide people with peace of mind and reassurance. They can also assist with occurrences and problems such as going to the bathroom. All of our carers have been trained, supervised, thoroughly vetted, and are fully supported and insured.

Our carer will spend at least eight hours at the residence and is available if needed. This is a good choice if you don't need constant assistance but are uncomfortable being alone at night. Anxiety and sleep deprivation can be alleviated quickly with the help of a sleeping night care specialist. Having that extra night-time care at home may make a huge difference in your overall health and happiness. This will be termed an awake night if help is required more than twice during the night.

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