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Personal Care

Personal care is a private activity. The phrase ‘Personal Care’ means to help someone with maintaining their personal hygiene/appearance and it can include assistance with dressing, feeding, washing and toileting. People who need assistance with personal care may also need advice, encouragement and emotional and psychological support. Our carefully selected carers are trained to treat people with dignity and do what is best for them making sure the activities are carried out in a way that is as appealing and as comfortable as possible. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide personal care for people who are unable to provide it for themselves because of old age, illness or disability. Our personal care service covers a range of activities including; - Assistance with personal hygiene such as having a shower or a bath - Cleaning teeth/dentures - Helping to brush/comb hair - Putting on creams and lotions - Assisting to the toilet, including using a commode or bedpan - Assisting with pads and catheters, also washing private areas and help in moving different positions on the bed. Our home care services are person centred. We will meet with the client and their families prior to commencing services to develop a good understanding of their requirements and preferences. We will then develop a detailed care plan which will be used by our carers to support the client. We continuously review the care plan to ensure the service meets the needs of the person. To us, personal care means to not only take care of those who need help with their physical hygiene, but also their emotional needs too. Our carers provide full support and encouragement to our clients during their personal care routines. All our carers are trained, supervised, fully vetted and insured. We also obtain an enhanced DBS before authorising them to work with our clients.

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