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Wonders of home care in High Wycombe

Welcome to hilly High Wycombe: Where you do not need to run a marathon to get fit, just walk up one of our hills! We are not quite urban, and we are not quite country, we are somewhere in the middle with our excellent green spaces where you can peruse the farm animals on your walk. However, be careful not to step in Cow dung! If you are not too keen on dunk then visit one of High Wycombe’s biggest parks, in Hughenden Park you can wander 60 acres and admire the countryside views, do not forget your picnic basket! Go back in time to one of the oldest chair museums, High Wycombe’s wonderful heritage where Windsor chairs were made in 1875! Step into the Hellfire Caves if you are not afraid, the man-made caves were originally designed to hide wealthy pagans! I guess it is not that scary after all. You can shop till you drop in our Eden shopping centre or if you want something a little more relaxed, we have a little Market Town. Eat, shop, and relax!

Working with the clients of High Wycombe is always an absolute pleasure.  Although it does come with its challenges,  we never fail to get through the day without a positive outcome. We are a diverse team and always keep in mind that no two clients are the same. Do not forget every day is a new day! I work with clients who suffer from dementia. Out of the many things I have learned through the experience one is that communication is key! Being able to communicate with my clients whether it is verbally or non-verbally has helped me to care for them in the best way possible. One needs to be compassionate, caring and have a full understanding of each person’s needs and capability. Always making sure they are listened to, comfortable and able to express their needs as well as concerns. Although the clients like their routine, we need to keep in mind that they do not always want to stick to a strict routine. Things are always changing and they can quite easily lose interest. To keep on top of things, we always read notes written by our colleagues via Careberry before each visit. Sometimes the clients may suddenly feel lost and get confused of their whereabouts, the best thing to do is to reassure them and make them feel comfortable. It is always important to update family members of any change and always keep them informed if things are going well as well which can give them peace of mind. This is something that we do continually as families have access to the reports that we write on Careberry.