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Wonders of home care in High Wycombe

These last 14 months have been a very trying and testing time for all. Almost everyone has suffered one way or the other. But some more and among them two groups have paid a special price: The young by losing on education and exploring the world as children and the elderly for social isolation and sadly death caused by Covid-19.

Working in the care sector meant that I could see my clients still on a regular basis, but they could not see family, friends or go to their usual clubs. Being a mum, I also see my kids getting sad as they are not seeing their friends at school, not going to their clubs and getting the opportunity to explore the world as children!

Everyone is shut in!

My children have been alongside this journey in care this whole time and they know I support others but always question why and how do you help them? My reply has been simple, “By just being there”.

From previous experience I know how much the elderly really enjoy seeing children, due to the bubbly/ lively personalities or listening to them singing nursery rhymes. It uplifts their spirits and helps them experience the world through the excitement of the children. At the time, meeting the elderly contributes to the development of the children and gives them a sense of purpose.

I was left thinking how we can create an opportunity to benefit both groups. My children love speaking/ video calling their great grandparents. And as they live in Cornwall it has not been possible to see them during coronavirus pandemic. Many of those that we support only see us. Can that same principle of children calling the elderly work? Would it build the bridge? Would they learn empathy and develop a better understanding of the world? We have spoken to our clients and their families about this and the reaction has been extremely positive. Hence, we have set up Little C + C group to facilitate weekly Facetime or voice calls between the kids from our team members and a number of our clients. We have looked at various aspects of this pilot to ensure both kids and our clients are protected and people are involved with consent and are well supported.

We have started with a small number of kids and clients in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and Thame, Oxfordshire and will hopefully soon be in a position to expand it further. The first telephone chat happened on 24th March 2021 between Anne and Fin and went on surprisingly for 45 minutes! They talked about coronavirus, Fish & Chips, books, school opening and olden days! They both enjoyed the conversation immensely and look forward to the next session which will be next week!

If this is something that you would like to get involved in or have suggestions that can help us make it better please get in touch with us. We love to hear from you!