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Welcome to Aghileh!

We're excited to share that Aghileh Hatami, a Registered Manager who worked for a reputable London-based company where she achieved two consecutive CQC Outstanding Ratings, has joined us. Aghileh is a nurse by background with a strong commitment to person-centred care and a proven track record.   
During the pandemic, our entire team put in a lot of effort, which resulted in some incredible accomplishments, including: 
1) Great retention rate - over the past 6 months only one carer has left Care & Carers and that was to join her pre pandemic profession.  
2) Careberry, the care management software we developed exclusively for care and carers, is now utilised by many care providers, and we've built five mobile apps, as well as a web-based admin interface that is second to none. We're also releasing an admin mobile app that will assist our admin personnel in managing office tasks while out in the community. 
3) We've never had a complaint in our history, and we're committed to continuing to assist our clients in such a way that they never feel compelled to file one. 
4) No client has ever us because of poor service, and with the help of our new highly experienced registered manager, we're hoping to improve the quality of our service even more in the future.
5) We've added Live-in Care to the range of services that we offer.
6) Winner of BBF Growth Business of 2021
7) Gold Award for Website of the Year 2021 (National SME).

With the help of our new highly experienced registered manager, we'll improve the quality of our services even more in the future!