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Thame: My First Home Care Visit

I used to live local to Thame, a small idyllic town just 14 miles from Oxford. Buildings were quirky, small, and periodic. There were many traditions that had continued throughout the time. Traditions and events like the town market on a Tuesday and monthly Cattle market. The town hall decorated a large Christmas tree every Christmas where carolling took place. Thame carnival was a huge day for us children, we all participated from our local schools. The church overlooking the cricket pitch where weekly matches would take place. Thame Fair taking place down the high street. Many of these still continue.

I moved away 13 years ago and had not returned just because life was busy, and I had taken different paths. When I joined Care & Carers initially as a care assistant my 1st shift was in Thame. I was so surprised firstly that Care & Carers covered that area as I know it has limited services. I was very excited to see how the town was and what changes had been made over the years!

Interestingly, the day that I returned was market day! People were there hustling through, queuing for the bakery as if nothing had changed over the past 13 years. Of course, the town had extended and there were new houses and developments in place, yet I felt I was stepping back in time! All the landmarks and memories imprinted still brought back those fantastic times. The centre remains small and idyllic, everyone still smiles in the street. The ever-changing society and developments are still incorporating Thame at it is best.

May all this live on and continue for future generations to experience.