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Live-in Care Client Case Study

 We would like to share the success story and progress we have made with our live-in care service user; A 92-year-old individual, which commenced on December 15, 2022, through ICB. This client had been admitted to the hospital on six occasions between August 2022 and December 15, 2022, resulting in a total hospital stay of 61 days. Additionally, he required daily visits from nurses to manage his catheter. Stabilisation of his care package has led to a remarkable improvement. Our trained carers have successfully managed the client's care, including flushing of his catheter, and as a result, he has not required any hospital admissions since. Furthermore, we have significantly reduced the frequency of nurse visits, with only one visit occurring over the past two months. This demonstrates the effectiveness of quality care provision in maintaining the client's health and well-being.