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Celebrating 101 Years of a Wonderful Life: Arnold's Compassion and Humour

Arnold Landau lived to a remarkable age of 101 and his life served as an example of the strength of compassion, humour, and commitment. Arnold had a profound impact on everyone in his path, from his earliest years in Sunderland to his final years in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Let's explore Arnold's life as we pay homage to this exceptional man and honour the traits that made him so unique.

Arnold made everyone around him happier with his contagious laughter and sharp humour. His sly smile and light-hearted humour made innumerable occasions happier. Arnold's sense of humour, whether it was a perfectly placed joke or a sharp remark, was a continual source of amusement for family, friends, and even complete strangers. Everywhere he went, his ability to find humour in any circumstance made him a beloved companion.

Arnold had a deep sense of compassion in his very heart. He was a devoted business owner who always looked out for his employees at the successful furniture company he founded, F Clarks of Olive Street. His kindness and charity went well beyond the workplace. Arnold embodied the very best of humanity in that he was always willing to provide a hand. Many people's lives were impacted by his actions of generosity and altruism, which left a deep impression on their hearts.

Throughout his life, Arnold's devotion to his beloved Sunderland Football Club was clear to see. He was a devoted season ticket holder who instilled his family with his passion for the team. His memories of the 1937 FA Cup homecoming parade, which followed Sunderland's victory over Preston North End, are indelible as a special occasion of joy and pride.

Arnold's commitment to helping others went beyond his work-related activities. He invested his time in charities like the Rotary Club and later Probus, where he served as President of a Northeast Rotary Club and was actively involved in philanthropic activities. Arnold's dedication to helping others was steadfast, and his donations significantly improved the lives of people who were less fortunate.

Arnold's life was anchored by his family. He left an enduring legacy of love and dedication as a devoted father of four, grandfather of seven, and great grandfather of twelve. Arnold loved his family dearly and forged a close connection that endured through his early years in Sunderland and his later moves to Aylesbury.

Arnold had a fascinating life that was full of humour, compassion, and dedication. He affected many people's lives during his life, from his successful business enterprises to his peaceful passing at home on May 6, 2023. Through the innumerable people he touched and the treasured memories he produced; Arnold's memory will endure. We are grateful to the family for allowing us the opportunity to contribute to Arnold and Mary's great life as a compassionate homecare company, and we are proud to have helped them for the past three years.