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5 Ways to keep your elderly parents independent at home

As we get older, day to day tasks can start to become increasingly harder to manage. Staying in your own home is so beneficial for many reasons and can easily be achieved with the right support. At Care & Carers, our aim is to keep people in their own homes, living safely and independently. We see firsthand how the memories made with families and friends in home helps to make people feel comfortable and safe. However, you do not always need care to keep our loved ones in their own homes. Below are 5 factors we believe can play a great role in keeping our elderly parents at home.  


Diet plays a huge role in your health at any age in your life. As you get older staying strong and healthy is largely dependent on diet if physical movement is reduced. Having a varied diet will help to keep all levels of nutrients high and support a healthy immune system. There are many ways this can be managed independently; you can enlist the support of a meal delivery service for example or put organise meal support from a reliable home care agency


Loneliness in older people is becoming a national crisis, especially with the global pandemic people have become completely isolated over the past few years. Loneliness can cause many mental health issues like depression, which has such a huge correlation to our physical health. Elderly people who are depressed also are very likely to start self-neglecting. There are many charities and community groups that can help with isolation, as part of our services we also provide companionship support in our own fight to battle this growing issue


Having a suitable environment is such a key point in being able to safely support an elderly person to remain at home. Many homes can be modified with equipment such as wet rooms, grab rails and stairlifts and much more. The purpose of these types of equipment is to enable people to continue all daily tasks without support. Some simple modifications make such a huge difference. Furthermore, some people may get used to the way their furniture is arranged. By removing carpets or rearranging sofas, simple changes can reduce the risk of falling. Most of the time, a simple fall causes people to lose confidence in their ability to live independently.


Medication is a huge topic. There are many medications out there, that can help maintain stability for elderly people with growing health conditions. Managing medication is however equally important. Most pharmacies will provide all medications in blister packs so the individual will be able to see the time and day the medications need to be taken. This will help to reduce the need for medication assistance. Some medications may need to be excluded from this for storage purposes, but generally, most can go into the blister pack. Medications taken at the right time can also prevent falls and other conditions that can lead to hospitalization. Simple reminders such as a memo minder can be helpful for reminding people to take their medications. Community pharmacists are usually able to help with medication issues, such as giving advice on medicines' side effects or recommending alternatives with fewer side effects.   


Devices like fall alarms and panic buttons are brilliant ways of having an extra layer of security for elderly people. There is always a way of calling for help no matter the situation or location of the individual. This gives huge reassurance to both the elderly individual and their families. Here is a good provider with several options you may find useful called Care Harmony Solutions. Consider installing a key safe to facilitate access. Our experience shows that forced entry can result in unpleasant experiences and psychological distress.

Overall, there are many ways we can keep our parents safe and at home! A good local home care or domiciliary care provider can be of great help in many ways. If you want any more information about any of the above points our friendly team will be happy to give you free advice on 01296 695 372.